Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pistons lose draft pick; Cavs win lottery

My first inclination when something terrible happens to a sports team I care about is to write about it. It's a cathartic way to work through my emotions and realize there's better things ahead. But it struck me that no amount of elegant prose will return the Pistons' first-round draft pick. This is a crippling moment for the franchise. Tonight could not have gone worse. Not only did the Pistons lose their pick but the Cavaliers and Bucks won the top two selections in the draft. You can add Wiggins and Parker/Embiid to the list of superstars in the Central division: George, Hibbert, Rose, Irving, Wiggins, Parker. None of them on the Pistons roster

July 8, 2009 now stands as the worst day in franchise history. Joe Dumars the architect of the organization's destruction. This has been emotionally distressing in a way I did not anticipate. I'll be off the grid for a while.

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